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Active Transcendental Meditation technique transforms lives. Meditate for awareness, transformation, enlightenment, bliss, love, for world peace and to discover the secrets of life. Also meditate on mind body and spirit, for health, wealth, happiness, success, fulfilment and how to make a difference. Make this unique meditation method a way of life.

The secrets of life are well hidden
but then so are the clues that would help us to find them!  - Maggie Monro -


Meditate toTransform your life with Active Meditation 2000. Let meditating become a way of life



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ranscendental' Meditation is dangerous! Do not enter this arena. What yopu are about to read is what TM is supposed to promote but this is not true. It is evil at its route and can lead to death.

Q. What is Transcendental Active Meditation and how does it work?

A. It is so called because whilst meditating in a special way you activate the tools of creation. When used correctly these tools cause the un-manifest to be made manifest: to appear in your reality. Whilst meditating in this special way, your consciousness (spirit) energises the 'quantum field' of all possibilities. Until energised by human consciousness or Universal consciousness, the potential within this field of all possibilities lies dormant. Un-manifest potential is in embryo waiting to be born: to be made manifest; to create the cosmos or transform your life and your world according to whatever you choose.

All meditation is transcendental by nature but, as a rule, it fails miserably, when it comes to the transformation of your day to day life in which you live move and have your being. Material and financial security, physical, emotional and mental well being, along with radiant health, release from stress, spiritual enlightenment, awareness and constant inner growth are all basic necessities of a life lived to the full.

Active Meditation 2000© is highly effective, it doesn't scratch around on the surface. With this method you are transported to and enter directly into, the field of infinite (limitless) possibilities. This is the place where the un manifest is made manifest: the place where ALL creation begins.

This meditation is not solely for the purpose of periodic withdrawal from your everyday world with the specific aim of drifting into the trance state of Samadhi. As beautiful and idyllic as it is, it does not transform your self or your world.

The arena of transformation is in the midst of your everyday life. It is not in a trance state or in any other unworldly dimension.

An abundance of all good things in life is your birthright. Including wealth. In many of the circles associated with meditation and spiritual matters, such a view is considered wrong headed. I'm not really sure how such a load of baloney started up, but it's simply not true. It seems to be the norm that those on the Spiritual path need to be desire-less, particularly, when it comes to material and physical pleasures: That one should trudge along the path of Spirit whilst existing in a state of denial and purgatory!

The truth of the matter is that you are the great Great Spirit Being who made itself manifest in an individual human form: The result in your case was you. And you did this to come into existence on the material plane not only to express the divinity of Spirit in life but also to experience and enjoy life in the material world to the full.

There is no other way for the Great Spirit being to express itself in life and on the physical and material plane other than to become a living being?

The nature of Spirit is to fulfil its every desire. Therefore the nature of the human being, who is a human form of the Great Spirit, is also to fulfil its every desire. The nature of the desires you have is vital, for the law of pure Spirit is that of what you sow, is what you reap.

In order to fulfil every desire it is essential that, as an individual, you are as ONE with your Great Spirit self. You are not a separate being though most of us act as though we were. There is only the need to enter into the 'Spirit Field' of all potential possibilities and name your desire. You then need to let go of the details of 'how' those desires will be made manifest.

Your greater self the Great Spirit is all knowing, all powerful and everywhere present. When you took on human form you became a finite limited being but you retained your infinite Spirit. Your greatest mission in life is to become an infinite, unlimited, being: To express the divinity of Spirit whilst in an Earthly and material life.

Although we have gone far in material and technical advancement we have paid a very hefty price. But all is not lost, for as soon as we source our Great Spirit being rather than our finite and limited human being, the world in which we live will become a paradise.

Material achievement and advancement in life is just as necessary as becoming aware of who and what we really are.

As of now the majority of us create our reality without sourcing our Great Spirit self. This is precisely why it's HARD WORK and gets stressful. Precisely why we experience a lack of harmony and balance. It is also why we live in fear for our selves, for our children and for others. It is also why we develop fears and phobias, why we experience anger, frustration and a sense of hopelessness.

Whatever else you believe in, please understand that to fulfil your earthly purpose it is vital that you ASK for everything that you require in life. You CAN through your great Spirit Self via the medium of Active Meditation, deliberately enter the field of infinite possibilities. This field is one of unlimited dormant potential waiting for you to name your desire. And as you go into the field of un manifest 'none stuff' and consciously name your desire you will set the process of creation in motion.

Active Meditation 2000 promotes harmony and balance between the spiritual and material aspects of life. It leads you into a deep understanding and knowledge of the Spirit self. It also shows you how to make your desires manifest and create a life of joy, love, bliss, wealth and affluence.

We have a unique downloadable tutorial, recently made available. In it is disclosed the unique meditation technique of Active Meditation 2000. You can learn this amazingly effect meditation method for yourself right now.





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PS. One more thing, even if you already a meditate, do be sure to take advantage of this offer because it will bring so much more to your time spent in meditation. Believe me it's not enough to be in touch with spirit alone, you must also have a secure grip on the material world and all it can offer you at the same time. If you don't, one way or another, it will eventually bring you down.

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