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The Divine Yoga of Love is based on the Power of Love. Essentially, yoga is a system of creating a personal union with the Divine. The accomplishment of such a union, say the Spiritual Masters, often requires many lifetimes plus many rigorous disciplines of the mind and body. Not so with the Divine Yoga of Love!

· This Yoga proceeds, through love power, directly to the heart of the Divine and to full conscious awareness of all the Universal Laws and Principals.

The original purpose of Divine Union is that our incomplete half-life experience, will through awareness and an expansion of consciousness, give way to a full and complete life experience. A life of joy, happiness and great achievement. Aptly described to be as radical as waking from a deep sleep. This original purpose has now become somewhat blurred, indistinct, rather complicated and decoratively draped over an ever expanding period of time and space.

Therefore, the intention here is to keep everything to the point and easy to understand.

Engaging the Divine Yoga head on is to become fully aware that God, the Divine, is Love in its purest form and the most potent power in the Universe. It is essential to realize that deep within you is an endless supply of that Love. Accessing and living on this endless supply of Love is your key to accomplishing a Divine Union and living a Divine Life.

· A unique method, that shows you how to access the potent power of the purest form of Love and quickly accomplish the desired Union, has now become available. Thus enabling you to gain entrance to the Life Divine.

From the very moment you become truly ONE with the Divine you are able to express the Divine 'abundance' in your life and in the world. For how else can Divinity be expressed in life and in the world except by an individual who has become an active expression of that Divinity?

·When in your heart and thoughts there is no division between You and the Divine you become the possessor of Divine Power! Omnipotent, Omniscience and Omnipresent. That is ALL POWER, ALL KNOWING and EVERYWHERE PRESENT.

Until we become aware of our rightful place in the Universe we will remain INCOMPLETE individuals who think and act as though separated from the Divine in life, mind, and body. As a result, we are trapped by 'finite' ideas, laws, beliefs and principles. Whereas the Divine being lives by 'infinite' ideas, laws, truths and principles. The 'finite' life is beset with limitation, whilst the 'infinite' is without limit. This fictitious separation causes duality. In truth ALL is ONE. The finite is a man-made creation which isolates individuals from THEIR true source. However you can rest assured that in Union, with the Divine there always remains your individuality within the Divine. You do not lose yourself, you gain the Divine and thus become your whole being.

The life of a finite human being relies upon personal power. The life of the Divine Being relies upon the Divine Power.

With access only to personal power your `incomplete´ individual self must figure out, provide and go after, all the ways and means of getting, doing and being. When you gain access to Divine Power, physical and mental involvement is minimal: All the ways and means of having doing and being are taken care behind the scenes as it were by Divine Being.

·Once you have learned to access and become ONE with Highest Power, the potent power of Pure Love, your only real requirement is to name your desire. The result of that desire is compelled to seek you out. Of course you must be prepared to act accordingly when prompted from within.

Love is the greatest power (omnipotent) in the Universe and there is nowhere that it is not (omnipresent). Love is INTELLIGENT, it KNOWS what it is doing and there are many scientific minds now arriving at a realization of the all 'knowing' (omniscient) power of Universal Love.

It is vital you become aware of the Divine Principles and Laws and live in by and for them alone. These Principles and Laws are represented in life by a code of pure love. But realize this also, many people who attempt to live by Higher Principles remain attached to the finite and limited way of being. This practice undermines their efforts and to them the Divine Power appears unreliable and fickle which, in fact, is an absolute impossibility. The only solution is to detach from the finite limited pesonal self and become the Divine Being you are here in life to become.

There are many agents of the Divine that belong to the finite realm. For instance, the Doctor and the pill are agents of Divine Power. For the time being this belief is okay, so long as the power is not seen to belong to the Doctor or to the pill. For it is indeed a huge leap to go from depending upon an agent of Divine Power, rather than directly accessing and relying totally upon the Divine Power within ourselves. Supposing, of course, we have acquired the skill to do so.

To all intents, purposes and appearances the Doctor and the pill are normally viewed as the CAUSE of a cure. When in fact, they are the ways and the means that we employ. The Cause of the cure is always the ONE Power. This in no way takes away from the Doctor or the pill, they are indeed very necessary to the finite and limited world. The main point here is to gradually pull away from finite ideas and finite`appearances`.

· You can discover, right now, today, how it is possible to align yourself with Divine Power. Also you can learn the details of how becoming ONE with Divine Power instantly transports you into the field of ALL possibilities.

The cause of EVERYTHING in the Universe, material and immaterial, visible and invisible, plus every event and every happening, is the ONE Divine Power. This is an absolute fact despite anything that sounds, says, acts or otherwise appears to the contrary. This of course, includes good and evil alike and so long as you are aligned to Divine Power, you have at hand the GREATEST Friend, Healer, Protector, Provider, Knower, Finder, Doer, Seer, Supporter and Helper. You name it and you have it!

Of course, most of us have at least a limited belief in a Higher Power so we are bound to get some things right some of the time. This however, is the self same reason we find ourselves leading a helter skelter life of many ups and downs.

A Divine being is infinite, limitless, joyful, radiant, vital and all loving. Attaining the Divine makes everything possible.The Divine has no way to express this bounty in the life principle except through you the individual whilst you are here in life.

· If you are a serious seeker of spiritual truth, realize the whole idea of struggle, frugality, annihilating of desire and THE shunning or seeking of an escape from the world, is a fundamental flaw in the vast majority of our spiritual teachings.

It is absolutely vital for your future that this flaw be now eradicated. Now, more than ever before, the TRUTH needs to be established for it describes the REAL power of spirit to create according to the ideas of a Divine creator. You, in truth, are no less than the Divine Creator of your own Universe. And it is in the here and now and in the midst of everyday life the greatest of all Spiritual prizes is to be won.

Now consider this! Regarding ´earthly` desires, are they not frowned upon by the majority of spiritual 'Masters'? Spirituality and frugality have long gone hand in hand, have they not? This is a finite man-made and limiting principle that has been attached to the man-made idea of spirituality. Not only that, it covers up the beautiful simplicity of a complete life and leads us to believe a perfect and happy life is only possible in the hereafter. And also, that moments of bliss are only possible having once attained the Samadhi state of trance.

· Realise now, the Divine is the source of pure love, joy, happiness and harmony. The Divine is also the provider of good health, great wealth and happiness, plus an abundance of all wonderful and beautiful things. The Divine is the great protector and will keep you safe from all harm, also the Divine is the great healer and restorer of the sick. These are expressions of the Divine Yoga, the Power of Love in action. This Power and this Divinity is rightfully YOURS.

Finite personal 'incomplete' power and force is puny by comparison. Living on it is the cause of all the disharmony and problems this world has ever known. Being attached to the personal principle limits your view of life. It locks you inside a box. It locks you away from the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent view available to the Highest Power. Everything in the box is viewed as finite and limited, attained and maintained through struggle and difficulty, stress and strain. It's all so very tragic and oh so unnecessary.

The Yoga of Divine Love is unlike any other Yoga in that it proceeds directly to the heart of the Divine. It aims at a Union brought about solely through the power of love. And as you learn to access the power of love within and to pour it out freely, you will begin to radiate and to experience love, joy, happiness and an abundance of all good things. This procedure is faithfully aligned with Divine Principle, for in the radiating is the 'giving' and in the experiencing is the 'receiving'.



Align your chakras!

P.S. It is indeed a high aim that you attain Union with the Divine, that you bring that power and that glory right DOWN into your everyday life, the world and those around you. Please realise that for as long as separation from the Divine exists, life will forever be a trial, an effort and a continuous play of erratic and unpredictable forces.

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