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Some men see things as they are and say 'why?'                    
I dream of things that never were and say 'why not?'  -George Bernard Shaw -


Really live your dream!



Live your dream, have wishes come true and desires satisfied. At the same time transform your life into one of love, happiness, joy and success.

Too good to be true? Well that's what I thought too. Then I discovered something that forced me to think differently

What I am about to share with you, has helped me many many times over the years, so much so, I still have trouble believing it myself.

Every person on this planet has a dream, a wish, things and situations they strongly desire. But a dream, we believe is just a dream, is something out o reach, beyond our grasp. Is it anfy wonder we don't have the slightest clue of how, or in fact if, we can bring those dreams, wishes, and desires into our reality?

So let me guess now, you're curious. The reason you've arrived on this page, is to find out how, or if, it's possible to make your desires, wishes or dream come true, right?

Now I'm not claiming to be a Genie with a magic lamp, far from it. Be that as it may, I do know of a way you can make the things you long for come into your life. I'm going to share my secret with you right now.

You may think it's crazy or I'm crazy. It is and I am but who cares? It works. Okay let's get serious. Let's get back to why you are here. To begin with, if you don't have a particular dream or wish in mind right now, don't panic, you'll very soon conjure one up.

What you must do now, is to put all your ideas of how you normally go about bringing things and situations into your life, on to one side. Forget WORK in the normal sense of the word. Replace it with PLAY and look upon what you are about to do as the most important and effective kind of PLAY possible.

The next thing you must do is to erase the words STRESS and STRAIN from your thoughts and your vocabulary. Replace them with the word MAGIC. I use the word magic for the simple reason I am unable to come up with a better one.

So what is it exactly you are going to do? Basically, you are going to PLAY around with a bit of MAGIC. Don't worry it's safe and it doesn't get you involved in a 'burning at the stake' offence!

Just so you can keep a grip here, let me explain in very simple terms what MAGIC really is. Magic is in fact a creative and miraculous force we all have the ability to harness and to control.

Starting right now add the word CRAZY to how you would describe yourself. If you are already a little crazy fine.If not just go along with it and pretend that you are, for a little while at least.

What you are about to do is not usual. So don't go telling other folks what you're up too, they may think you've gone completely batty!

Did you know that for the most part materialists, the doers of this world, view folks who spend their time dreaming and wishing, as residing in the aptly named location of la-la land?

What I am going to ask you to do now is to be serious for a minute and concentrate on some, if not all, of your most important needs. I also would like you to realise all of your needs can be met if you will do what I suggest. Believe me this is serious stuff, even though it's crazy!

At the same time I am going to ask you to keep focused on the material world, on material objects and upon materiality as a whole, in a way very few materialists have the ability to do. Don't get into a tizwaz, it can be done and you're gonna do it!

Let's face it, to survive in the material world, you're a complete and utter dead loss if you are unable to meet your material needs. On the other hand, if you spend all of your time dreaming, wishing and living within the realms of your imagination then you've got about as much chance of meeting your needs as a snowball in hell.

The material world, whether you like it or not, is where you are at, it's where we are all at. The thing to 'realise' is that you have an inner ability to wish and to 'conjure up' material stuff, instead of having to flog yourself to death in order to meet those material, emotional and spiritual needs.

This, of course, will only become believable to you, as and when your dreams and wishes begin to come true. Or, as you begin to experience them in your day to day life as opposed to being 'pretty pictures' in your head. It does of course, involve a little bit of MAGIC to help it all along.

If you hang out in the material world without 'MAGIC' inevitably it becomes a fight for survival, a fight to stay afloat on a sea of the ever-increasing demands of life. There's not a whole lot of magic in doing that is there now?

Maybe, so far in life, you have had a couple of weird and wonderful things happen to you, most of us have. The problem is you have no control as to when these events occur. So how's about if you can get the things you need by request??

Okay this is the way it works. First thing to figure is, what is it you really need? I don't mean what you 'fancy' either. A fancy is only a passing thing. I want you to be serious, at least in the beginning. You can get down to your fancies when you have in your possession all the things you REALLY need.

You'll be amazed how it works and you're going to fall off the floor when you find out how simple and easy it is, and I promise you'll love doing it too.


So go on, get some paper and something to write with

Now I'd like you to think very carefully about what you are going to write. Consider the consequences of your requests not only on yourself but on others as well. Don't think in terms of it's too big, too much, I don't deserve it or it's impossible.

Be honourable, be truthful, be wise, don't break the law, be happy, be joyful and most of all know for sure your needs will be met, expect it.

When you have thought carefully make a list of the most needy things. They are to become your, dreams, your wishes, your prayers. When I first did this it took me two days to figure out what I really needed! It's more difficult than you think to make a request for something you really do NEED - To make a list of priorities in order of importance.

You can't wish for any old thing, it must be incredibly important to you. For some reason, I have so far been unable to fathom, MAGIC doesn't seem to work too well with trivial, trifling, piddling, unimportant or insignificant things. It's probably because MAGIC is constantly busy and doesn't have time to spend on piddly things!

See what I mean about being a bit crazy? And remember you're not to tell anyone else what you are doing, well not yet anyway.

Right, after you have made your list please go through the following steps.

Step 1. Repeat out loud each of your requests.

Step 2. Rewrite each request down on a separate piece of paper and fold it up.

Step 3. Get a box or a tin or some other thing you can lock securely or something without a lock you can keep in a place that is completely private and secure. Now place your requests in the box or tin.

In writing your requests say I have ----- I am----- be positive. Don't say 'I am so fat it's making me ill I need to lose weight'. Say instead I am beautifully slim and attractive'. Don't say 'I'm broke I need more money', say instead 'I have more money than I shall ever need'.

Whatever you do, don't write the word WANT because you will remain in the state of WANTING. If you change your request to I have or I am, you change to the state of having, doing or being what you asked for.

As a matter of fact it's a good idea to get out of the habit of thinking and saying the word WANT. Completely remove it from your vocabulary. The same rule applies in every instance.

One word of caution, it's probably not the best idea to go around saying to folks, I have a Mercedes Benz, whilst it's presence is in the process of creation. You can say it and think it to yourself as much as you like. And the more the better because this reinforces your written requests.

include details lots and lots of em, how much, how big, how many, where, when, who, colour, size eta. Don't ask HOW any of your needs are to be met, and don't even begin to try and fathom it either.

don't place limits, boundaries, don't use if's, but's or why's. It's one of the easiest things in the world to sabotage yourself. For instance, if you write a request for the perfect mate and follow it up by quietly saying to yourself, 'nobody as amazing as that could possibly exist, or nobody as good as that would ever look at me'. That's sabotage pure and simple, Even though you don't write it down as a part of your written request it gets tagged on to it. Just like a PS. Only it completely screws up your original request, do you see what I mean?

: Please remember this system works, don't interfere with the dynamic process of energy you have set into motion. Every day when you wake up you jump start a mass of dynamic energy. Know this truth.

Don't set negative energies into motion as soon as you get up in the morning, or any other part of the day for that matter, cos they will come back at you as sure as eggs are eggs. It may not be today, tomorrow or even next week. But mark my words, one day, those negative energies will come along and wallop you on the side of the head when you are least expecting it! And you'll be left asking, what's up?

: Another thing to be aware of is that where other people are concerned it's a little more tricky to get them to do what you want. Say for instance, if you want to be on a better understanding with someone you are having problems with, say 'Help me to find a way of developing a good relationship with ------------?

However, if you would like to have a close personal relationship with another person and they make it clear they aren't the least bit interested it could get even more tricky. You may find it impossible to change the way THEY feel about you. Personal relationships are usually based on a magnetic kind of chemistry. It doesn't always work both ways the best thing you can do is to send them loving thoughts, give all negative thoughts the boot. Love will break any barrier but if the other person is of a different mind set, they may or may not come into the proximity of closeness with you. and nothing you can do will change that. If THEY choose to change the way they feel about YOU and if anything can do it love can, but they have to feel the love too, then and only then, will there be a chance for it to work out.

: If you have a problem in any area of life say 'I have valuable help in setting up my business'. 'I have the perfect business partner'. 'I have help to create a successful marketing strategy'. 'I have found the exact right person to run my office'. 'I have located a great cleaner to do my cleaning'. 'I have the perfect person to look after my kids'. I have found the perfect solution to my problem etc.

Do not fall into the trap of focusing on problems, rather focus on solutions.

Say for instance, if you find yourself out of work and need a job say 'I have the perfect job with a great company and a salary that more than meets all my financial needs?

What happens as you put these kind of statements down on paper, you are claiming what you need. As you do this, a much more powerful energy is set into motion than when you just think it alone. The more ways you reinforce the energy the more powerful is the force you are able to set into motion.

Everything first begins with the idea of it, a building, a book, a spacecraft. It first begins with a thought followed up by a plan, an outline or a blueprint. Your written requests are for something you have chosen to come into your life. You first have an idea a thought of what it is that you need, but you personally don't go about making a plan at this stage. What happens instead, is that you give your thought, your idea, your wish, your dream, over to a greater force of energy, an energy, that you must under no circumstance interfere with.

After a while you will notice events begin to take place that appear to come out of the blue. These are events that bring opportunity, bring help your way, assist you, save you, protect you, guide you, inspire you, energise you, galvanise you.They all happen in a very magical, miraculous way because they come to you. You don't have to go after them.

If you play with energy in this way, you'll make it a whole lot easier on yourself. Instead of you having to fight your way through life and burn up your mind, body and spirit, you'll be handing the process over to a far more powerful source of energy.

: You can and must carefully choose and make firm requests for all those things you desire to come into your life.

You can do this anytime you feel like it. Make your review times special times, remove the requests which, have so far been filled and let the others remain. You can add as many items as often as you like.

Write the following; everything I desire comes to me, as and when I need it.

Everything that happens in the Universe is a result of the movement and an exchange of energies. Every time you make a wish or have a dream and reinforce it by writing it down you are setting a creative and MAGICAL energy into motion.

Just be sure to watch the thinking part of the process and don't think about what you don't desire to happen. What might go wrong. Problems within the economic climate. What others might say. Keep yourself on TRACK by keeping your wishes, dreams and desires alive.

I have a magic box myself and it has dozens of wishes and dreams in the form of written requests in it. Once in a while I get them out and find quite a few of them have already been filled. The real MAGIC of it is that if you'd asked me when I made my requests how they would come about I would have been forced to confess, I didn't have a clue. See what I mean by not having to work on it? Of course, when events do occur and stuff starts happening you have to figure out what you're going to do about it, AND DO IT.

: You must EXPECT the things you've requested to come to you. If you don't expect them , then they won't appear, because that my friend will be the PS you have tagged on to your order. On the energy level upon which you are working, every-thing is taken literally. So don't mess with your wishes by adding a PS here and a PS there.

Off you go, get wishing, make your list, get your box, make out individual requests, READ THEM OUT LOUD, fold em up, put them in your box, lock it and forget it.


Have lots of fun and enjoy!
Maggie Monro

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Follow that cab!!

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