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Being fat isn't funny.
What's funny is the crazy things we do to get rid of it!     - anon -


Lateral Growth Factor. Loseweight now!



Slimming and weight loss products for those who are overweight and want to lose weight, have flooded the market for decades. There are all kinds of drugs, creams, pills and wacky fad diets, to help you lose that weight. None of which are good for you. The best way to shed those extra pounds is through natural weightloss. Plus you must eat proper healthy food if you want to stay healthy. And I know of a way that enables you to eat the foods you enjoy, lose weight and stay that way.

For most folks, losing weight is a constant battle, you can now win that battle once and for all. Just follow our simple weight management system.

Ah! Yes the lateral growth factor, putting on weight, catches up with most of us at some time or another and the actions many of us take in our attempts to halt the process are, in a word, PURGATORY!

In fact being overweight, feeling unfit and unattractive has become a long-standing stressful issue in the lives of many people. And not only that the cost of fighting fat can burn a hole in your pocket at the same time.

It's all right agonising over the fact you feel you really must do something about your increasing size. But it's not all right if it means a trip to hell and back in the process.

And then, even after a trip to hell and back, the worst part is when you find that in less time than it takes to button your shirt or blouse, the buttons start popping all over again!

It takes courage to repeat that cycle time after time. But if you follow my simple regime that never need happen to you again. Why? because there is a way of reducing and stabilising your size and weight that isn't purgatory, in fact it's ENJOYABLE?

This is no spoof. I have shared my knowledge with several members of my family and with friends and it's worked for every one of them without exception. It's worked for around 20 years for me personally, therefore, I'd never hesitate to recommend it to any person on this planet, or any other planet for that matter.Well, I mean to say you never do know, do you?

The process I am now going to share with you comes in two parts.

Part One. Resizing yourself

Part Two. Maintaining your size.

Part one, resizing yourself, the way I am going to share with you is a process you really CAN enjoy. What I recommend is that you follow part one to get down to your ideal size and then go on to part two. Part two will not only help you to maintain your size, you will also find it to be a real healthy way of eating and living.

This part one part two process, as already mentioned, is something that I have lived with, very happily and healthily, for more than 20 years. And what's more, the members of my family and my friends have lived with it for almost as long. Personally, I work on the premise that if my clothes appear to be slowly shrinking, that I had better shrink myself too. In other words that's my signal to return to part one of the process and remain on it until I am the same size as my clothes, after which I return to part two.

Just bear in mind though, this kind of signal doesn't work so well if you wear really loose clothing. In which case you will need to buy yourself a trusty tape measure. Believe me, it won't let you down, just be sure to use it at two-week intervals. This will help you to stay in control.

I must emphasise that you only go down to the size that is 'ideal' for you, AND NO LOWER. You can, of course, go on until you resemble a coat hanger draped in clothing if you like. But that's NOT HEALTHY. Besides, who in this world wants to resemble a coat hanger?

By now, it's almost common knowledge that in the long run counting calories doesn't work. And it doesn't work for the simple reason that your body has enough smarts to adapt itself to a lower intake of calories. Of course, it works in the beginning, but over time it's effectiveness peters out.

Eventually you end up on a near starvation diet only to discover those unwanted pounds or kilo's keep finding their way back into your clothes! Pesky little critters, aren't they?

What about those shakes that fill you up with 'filler', and those cookies that do the same thing? But that's not good healthy food and besides wouldn't you rather sit down to a big juicy steak, a great lasagna, amazing crepes filled with incredible edibles and much much more? Of course you would. And I'm here to tell you, that you CAN actually eat that way and still maintain your ideal size in life.

It's now time for all to be revealed!

Part One: The resizing process.

The first step here is for you to fully understand what's going on in your body during the process of resizing yourself. If you follow the instructions I am going to give to you, faithfully, it has to work. This is because your body will be forced to go directly to those extra pounds and kilo's for sustenance. It will no longer be able to feed itself on the food you are consuming. In other words, your system will bypass the food you are eating and feed itself on your stored up pounds and kilos.

The key to part one is that you go onto a low carbohydrate intake. Now notice, I didn't say no carbohydrate, I said LOW carbohydrate.

However, you do need to know roughly the maximum grams of carbos your body is able to intake in order for the system to work for you as an individual. In other words you need to be able to check your carbohydrate level in some way. And you need to be able to do this so that you can see if your system is bypassing the food you are consuming or whether it's feeding on it.

(When your system bypasses the food you are consuming and begins to feed on stored fat this process is known as Ketosis).

Thankfully, there's a perfectly simple way for you to check if your body is in ketosis (burning off fat). And upon checking you'll be able to see if you are in fact burning off that extra weight. In which case you will be reducing in size. On the other hand, if your body is going directly to the food you consume you'll either remain the same size or your size will be increasing and so will your weight!

The way for you to check this out is to go to your local chemist, drug store or pharmacist and purchase some KETOSTIX. (only a few dollars) Follow the instructions for the use of your ketostix, if they go pink or better still purple, you're body is in ketosis and you ARE shrinking. The darker the colour of your ketostix the faster you are shrinking.

How many carbohydrates you can consume and remain in ketosis varies from person to person. You will find it is probably somewhere within the 25 to 40 grams per day range. Therefore, it will be a good idea to start around 25 grams per day. As you gradually increase your carbohydrate grams your ketostix will go paler and paler. If you have too many carbo's you won't see a colour, however, if you are sure that you didn't exceed your limit by much, allow the ketostix to dry and if it's a bit purplish when dry then all is not lost. Cut back right away and you will not have to start over.

If you go on a binge, you WILL have to start over. Starting over means it will take you around 60-72 hours for your body to get back into ketosis.

This means that whenever you begin the process, or whenever you want to resize, your system will take between 60-72 hours to go into ketosis. So there's no need, at any time, to start using your ketostix before 60 hours of starting part one.

In the beginning you may want to use the stix every day, but later on you may only need to check up once a week.

Something important you should be aware of is that your readings will vary depending on the time of day. If you bear this in mind you may want to check yourself out a couple of times a day to determine when your stix are the most colourful. Then stick to that time day. Once you become familiar with the carbohydrate content of various foods, you'll rarely feel the need to check up at all.

Whilst you are resizing you may be able to get hold of a carbohydrate counting book, they are a bit thin on the ground but don't panic if you can't get hold of one. You will need to check out food content labels on packaged items of food instead. You really need to do this because there is no way of knowing exactly how many carbo's are in pre-packaged foods unless you can get a good book or read all the labels.

I will now give you a list of allowable foods, all of which have zero carbohydrates:
All fresh meats, fish, chicken, eggs, bacon, shellfish, seafood, yellow cheeses, butter, home made mayonnaise, spareribs but watch the sauce for carbohydrates. Olive oil and most other cooking oils are permissible, but check the labels. If you buy sausage meat or sausages, sometimes they are packed with filler, meaning, packed with carbohydrates! Also watch burgers, they may have filler in them too.

Foods that you can combine with the above are, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, endive, bell peppers, onion, beets but if pre-packed check for added sugar. In fact, most salad items are permissible but you must be careful with the dressings, it could bring you out of ketosis and ruin the whole process.

Vegetables are fine with the exception of potatoes of every kind, they are full of carbohydrates and must be avoided whilst in part one. Sweet corn and peas are also no no's and you should avoid them too. Green beans are fine but broad beans, butter beans, kidney beans and most all other kinds of beans are full of carbohydrates and you must keep away from them. Spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, brussels sprouts and all other sprouts are fine. Broccoli is okay and so are courgettes and aubergines. Swedes, parsnips, carrots and turnips can also be included. Go steady on the avocado though, no more than half a medium one at a time.

All of the above permissible foods do contain some carbohydrates but if you eat them in moderation you will be okay.

A maximum of two medium glasses of wine a day is okay but omit alcohol altogether for the first week if you possibly can. Spirit is also permissible but watch the mixers they are crammed with carbohydrates, so stick with the sugar free mixers and stick to low consumption as well and do try to abstain for the first week. Alcohol and spirit will slow down the process, so it really depends how quick you want to resize yourself.

One thing that most folks who know something about low carbo regimes is that they do not include fresh fruit, I can't think why because it's so healthy. But do stay away from canned fruit, it's deadly. What I do and I highly recommend you do also, is to have a fresh fruit day once a week, or maybe a couple of mornings a week instead.

There are however, a couple of things you must know about the consumption of fresh fruit.

No 1. Only consume fresh fruit on an empty stomach because it only needs to stay in your stomach for 20 minutes. Otherwise it will putrefy if it sits on top of other undigested foods. Also, it's a good idea not to consume anything for 20 mins after fruit.
No. 2. Although fruit contains sugars, for some reason unbeknown to me it doesn't upset the process of ketosis.
No. 3. In part one bananas are taboo.

Definite no no's if you want to keep your body in ketosis are: Bread, cakes, rice, pasta sugar, milk (it contains milk sugar) sodas, sweets, ice cream, chocolate, crackers, candies, potato chips, corn chips, pancakes, muffins, fruit yoghurts, if plain check the label it could be okay. All grains and any products containing flour must be avoided. Check out all sauces and dips. Beans, except green beans, peas and potatoes are no no's. Be sure to check out all labels on all pre-packaged foods. Be careful with pickles too, you'll find sugar in most of them.

You have to be careful with snacks, have a stick of celery a carrot or a piece of cheese or a bit of egg salad in home made or low carbo mayonnaise. Try being a bit creative here. Mushroom soup and carrot soup are great standby's if you want something hot and quick. Vegetable cubes, chicken cubes and beef cubes make a good soup and especially so if you add beaten egg and whisk it around for a few seconds whilst still on the boil. Have the egg instead of bread.

Coffee is okay, use a little cream instead of milk it has less carbo's and if you want it sweet, try a sweetener. Tea is alright, use a little cream in preference to milk and if you like it sweet add a sweetener. (keep sweeteners to a minimum, they are not good)

It's really all a question of counting carbohydrates rather than the amount of calories or the amount of food that's on your plate. You can eat really well on this programme and you can enjoy it. This my friend, is not purgatory, this is good eating. Also you can dine out and eat well and enjoy it!

Whilst you are resizing yourself, you will reach plateau's now and again but just keep on keeping one and you will reach your ideal size. If you find you begin to feel tired and your stix are a really deep purple, increase your carbo's a few grams per day and you'll soon have bags of energy again or take a potassium supplement. If you experience cramps in your legs take calcium you may want to add potassium as well.

The very first time your body goes into ketosis, the system is busy adapting to the new regime. Some of you may experience a drop in your energy level. This, however will pass and you will gradually find that your energy level reaches new heights.

In addition, if you use diuretics you will find you don't need to whilst in part one. If you continue you could become dehydrated, so do please head this warning. Also if you have a serious illness, or are in doubt, check with your medical practitioner before beginning part one of the process. However, you should be aware that most medical practitioners abhor alternative methods.

For your information it actually was a medical practitioner who came up with this method more than 15 years ago, he was slated by the establishment and by some of his fellows. However, he stuck to his guns and along with many other people I have always stuck by him and by his findings.

The practitioner in question is a Dr Atkins. Dr Atkins has written a whole book on the subject called Dr Atkins Diet Revolution. Seek out a copy if you can, although it could be out of print now.

You can trust this process 100%. If you follow it faithfully you will resize yourself but don't overdo it. When your body has burned up all that excess size it will keep on going and you will begin to loose muscle mass and you MUST STOP and go to part two which is:

Part Two: Maintaining your new size.

Maintaining your new size with maximum benefit to your body, your health and your general wellbeing, has to be one of the greatest pleasures in life

The top and bottom of it is that in part two you can eat all food groups but not at one sitting. In part two of the process you are following a regime based on the proper combination of food. This is the most sensible way, bar none, to eat and to live and I cannot emphasise this enough.

Again, I know this to be true not only from my own experience. I also know it from the experience of others around me who properly combine their food at the majority of meals they eat, each and every day of their lives.

If you stick with part two you will have no problem whatsoever in maintaining your desired size. However, if you, like me, weaken a bit now and then, you'll need to start counting carbo's again. Well I like to go crazy sometimes, even if I have to pay for it later with an upset tum. Anyhow, I look at it this way, counting carbo's is a painless process so why not indulge now and again?

Whoops sorry, I shouldn't be encouraging you to be bad should I?

The object of proper food combining is not to eat Proteins and Starches at the same sitting. That means you can't eat meat and potatoes together. You can't eat meat sandwiches which is protein and starch and you can't eat stuff like spaghetti bolognaise cos that's pasta and meat. Neither can you have soup with bread rolls followed by chicken, the bread and chicken don't combine.

Let me first explain why starches and proteins cannot be properly digested at the same time. It's because proteins call for a digestive juice that is acidic in nature whilst starches call for an alkaline digestive juice. A digestive juice is an aid to the digestive process. An acidic digestive juice and an alkaline digestive juice in the stomach at the same time, cancel each other out!

Your food is in your stomach for the purpose of digestion but with these two digestive juices neutralising each other out, the digestive process becomes totally inefficient.

Food is only intended to be in the stomach for about three hours but when you have the digestive juices cancelling each other out the food remains in the stomach for an indefinite period. Undigested starch ferments and undigested protein putrefies. Most if not all of us have experienced, indigestion, heartburn, flatulence and many stomach upsets as a result of the wrong combination of foods.

When you combine protein, which is all meats, chicken, fish, in fact any animal product, dairy foods included, oh yes and NUTS, with starches which means potatoes, grains, breads, cereals, pasta, cookies etc your digestive process is in for a long bumpy ride.

But, if you do combine food properly, your body will have plenty of time to go into the cleansing process. It will do this instead of being involved for indefinite periods digesting ill combined foods.

The cleansing of the body is very necessary if you want to have a fit healthy and agile body. This is something very few people are aware of. Nevertheless, your body does need to be cleansed on a regular basis. If it is not cleansed, toxins will and do build up, this weakens your immune system and leaves you vulnerable to illness and disease. Also you may experience stiff joints, muscle pains and lots of unaccountable headaches and nuisance ailments.

A whole industry has now built up around ways and means of eliminating toxins that have built up in your body.

Also, refer back to part 1 where I mentioned the proper consumption of fruit, this is a must at all times. It is a crime of gigantic proportions to serve fruit after any meal, even a properly combined one.

Vegetables and salads can be safely combined with either proteins or starches. Just watch the potatoes.

Oh yes! Before I forget, most of us know that tomatoes are alkaline in nature but did you know they are acidic when cooked. Personally my stomach is so well educated, it absolutely hates cooked tomatoes and gives me gyp if I indulge.

This could be something that affects you too. Just be on the lookout if you have any dish with cooked tomatoes and feel out of sorts afterwards, you will know the cause. If you are Italian or like Italian food, I'm sorry, I know you're a lovely lot, but you'll just have to be more creative!

In future, if you get sick or diseased or have been in the past, realise it's your body's attempts at cleansing itself of built up toxins.

One thing that is not related to the proper food combination but has everything to do with toxins, is that, you should be aware that stress also causes toxins in your body. And there's a great way to prevent the build up of toxins, however caused, is to go to our Supercharge Yourself with Dynamic Energy
page and you'll find a solution there. The Dynamic Energy program is also a foolproof method of purifying your bloodstream and strengthening your immune system.

That's it folks, now what you must do is to highlight this entire page, press edit and copy copy this page and then open up your word processing programme and new file and press paste. Save it and remember where you saved it so you can print it out later on.

Lose weight
Resize yourself
Maintain your size
Look good
Eat healthy
Feel good

Best Regards
Maggie Monro

PS. When you are down to size and anyone asks you how you did it, just point them in the direction of



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